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Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences-Chemistry (Started in 1982)
eISSN: 2320-320X
pISSN: 0970-4620
Impact Factor: 6.991 (2018)
DOI: 10.5958/2320-320X
Editor-in-Chief:  Dr. Pruthviraj. R.D.
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Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences-Chemistry (Started in 1982)
Year : 2014, Volume & Issue : Volume-33C, Issue-1and2 (January-December)
Page No. : 27-42, Article Type : Original Aticle
Article DOI : 10.5958/2320-320X.2014.00004.1 (Received on 30 March 2014: Accepted on 24 October 2014)

Recycling clays used in Bleaching vegetable oils

*Mukasa-Tebandeke, I.Z1., Ssebuwufu, P.J.M1., Nyakairu,G, W.A1., Nyanzi, S.A1. , Ntale, M1., Schumann, A3. and Lugolobi F2
Author’s Affiliation : 1 Makerere University, Department of Chemistry, Box 7062, Kampala,Uganda 3Makerere University, Department of Geology, Box 7062, Kampala,Uganda 2 Wesleyan University, Department of Earth Sciences USA.

Corresponding Author : Mukasa-Tebandeke, I.Z, Makerere University, Department of Chemistry, Box 7062, Kampala,Uganda,
E-Mail:-[email protected]


The efficiency of recycled clays to bleach oils measured by decrease in absorbance of bleached oils was largest when recycled clays had been calcined at 450oC and leached in boiling mixture of 20% acid strength for 16 hours. The Langmuir constant a varied from 0.4x10-2 to 16 x10-2 and b increased from 4.7x10-2 to 95.38x10-2. The Freundlich constant n increased from 8x10-3 to 33x10-3 and k from 3.9x10-2 to 11.8 x10-2 as concentration of acid increased. The enthalpy of adsorption increased from -6.7x10-2 to 22.2x10-2 kJmol-1.


Recycling, Vegetable oils, Calcined, Bleaching, Clay, Absorbance.
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