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Year : 2020, Volume & Issue : IME Journal 14(1), JAN-JUN 2020
Page No. : 97-110, Article Type : Review Aticle
Article DOI : 10.5958/2582-1245.2020.00014.7 (Received on 02.02.2020 Accepted on 28.05.2020)

New Face of Indian Governance Sector with Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Sumit Kumar Kapoor
Author’s Affiliation : Associate Professor (HOD), Dept. of Computer Science, Disha Group of Institutions, Dhampur, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh 246761, India

Corresponding Author : Dr. Sumit Kumar Kapoor, Associate Professor (HOD), Dept. of Computer Science, Disha Group of Institutions, Dhampur, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh 246761, India,


The utilization of Artificial Intelligence can possibly enhance a few existing auxiliary wasteful aspects in the release of legislative capacities. Our examination shows that the organization of this innovation across sub-parts is still on the skylines. A great part of the innovative limit and subsidizing for AI in administration in India is originating from the private segment - a pattern we expect will proceed as the legislature participates in an expanding number of associations with both new companies and enormous partnerships the same. This contextual investigation recognized five sub-parts including law implementation, instruction, safeguard, release of legislative capacities and furthermore considered the ramifications of AI in legal dynamic procedures that have been utilized in the United States.  Subsequent to mapping the employments of AI in different sub-divisions, this paper distinguishes a few difficulties to the organization of this innovation. This incorporates factors, for example, infrastructural and innovative limit, especially among key on-screen characters at the grassroots level, absence of trust in AI driven arrangements and satisfactory financing. We likewise recognized a few moral and legitimate worries that arrangement producers must think about. These incorporate over-reliance on AI frameworks, protection and security, task of risk, inclination and separation both in procedure and result, straightforwardness and fair treatment.


Law Enforcement, Education, Defense, Accountability, Transparency, Facial Recognition, Agriculture, Judicial, Administration
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