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Innovation and Leadership Economics in Work Situations throughout the World
Rishan Singh Read More

Information Needs and Retrieval Habits of Children in the District Central Libraries in Tamil Nadu
Dr. S. Bindhu*, Dr. P. Balasubramanian** Read More

Growth Cannot be Judged in Isolation
D.R. Agarwal*, Suruchi Kapur** Read More

The Neelkantha of Economy
Dr. Divya Kumar Agrawal Read More

Job Opportunities for Academic Librarians in India: Analysis of Job Advertisements
O.P. Saini*, Dr. Jasbir Singh** Read More

Research Output of Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (2003-2018): A Scientometrics Analysis
Garvita Jhamb*, Sapna Verma** Read More

Utilization of Electronic Resources in University Library, UAS Dharwad: A Study
Dr. Shilpa S. Uplaonkar Read More

An Analytical Study of Web Enabled Information Services through Web Sites in University Libraries of Delhi and NCR
Rajni Jindal*, Dr. Javed Khan**, Dr. Projes Roy*** Read More

Do Higher Dividend Payouts Signifies Higher Operating Profits and How Does It Impact MPS of the Firm: An Intriguing study of Microsoft Corporation
Shubham Jain*, Vandana Rastogi** Read More

Life & Livelihood: A Balanced Approach
Dr. D.R. Agarwal*, Dr. Richa Chaturvedi**, Dr. Deepika Jain*** Read More

Emerging Trends in Indian Rural Marketing
Dr. Bhavna Aggarwal* Read More

Isolation, Quarantine and Law: An Overview during Covid-19 Crisis
Deepika Tyagi* Read More

How Video Marketing in E-Commerce Can Boost Sales
Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj*, Dr. A.K. Sharma** Read More

New Face of Indian Governance Sector with Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Sumit Kumar Kapoor Read More

Manpower Planning: Theoretical Perspectives
Dr Atul Mathur Read More

Satyagrah: A Gandhian Context
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Read More

Gandhi as a Harbinger of Peace
Dr. Naved Jamal*, Dr. Ramesh Kumar** Read More


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