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Library Progress(International)( Library Science)(Started in 1981)
Year : 2022, Volume & Issue : LIB PRO. 42(2), JUL-DEC 2022
Page No. : 242-251, Article Type : Original Aticle
Article DOI : 10.5958/2320-317X.2022.00027.7

The Psychological Effect of the Librarians Uniform Color on Occupational Engagement

*Asefeh Asemi, **Fatemeh Tavakoli, ***Narjes Houshangi
Author’s Affiliation : *Ph.D. Faculty Member & Researcher at Institute of Data Analytics and Information Systems, Corvinus University of Budapest Budapest, Fovam Ter 8, Budapest 1093, Hungary ** Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran. *** Department of Occupational therapy, Arak University of Medical Science, Iran.

Corresponding Author : Fatemeh Tavakoli, Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran,
E-Mail:-afasemi@gmail.com, asemi.asefeh@uni-corvinus.hu


Introduction: Colors may have effects on our life and each color is a source of energy based on its chemical and psychological character. Color is one criterion of personality and health evaluation in modern psychology because any color influences a person’s mental and physical.

Purpose: The research aimed to investigate the psychological effect of librarians’ uniforms in public libraries on their occupational engagement.

Methodology: The quasi-experimental is applied with Pre-test, Post-test, control group, and experimental group. A statistical population was the library staff at "Iran Public Library Foundation, Isfahan". The sample was randomly selected and assigned to two exam groups experimental group (N=15) and the control group (N=15). Research tools consisted of Utrecht Work Engagement Questionnaire. Covariance analysis was used in the inferential analysis of the research hypothesis. The data were analyzed by SPSS version 22.

Findings: The findings have shown that changing the color of the library staffs uniform to yellow and light blue had an impact on their occupational engagement at a meaningful level with an impact of 37%.

Conclusion: This color-changing has a positive effect on their occupational engagement and they have more energy to meet the library users' information needs.

How to cite this article:  Asemi A., Tavakoli F., Houshangi N.  (2022). The Psychological Effect of the Librarians Uniform Color on Occupational Engagement. Library Progress International, 42(2), 242-251.



A Job Engagement, Color Psychology, Public Library, Occupational Engagement, Librarian.
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