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Bio-Science Research Bulletin (Life sciences) (Started in 1985)
eISSN: 2320-3161
pISSN: 0970-0889
Impact Factor: 5.195 (2017)
DOI: 10.5958/2320-3161
Editor-in-Chief:  Prof. (Dr.) Raj Singh
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Healing From Households: Urban Trees in the Management of Diarrhea and Dysentery in Ijesa Region, Nigeria
1Alice Temitope Cole 2Joshua Kayode* Read More

Fumigant Effect of Tunisian Eucalyptus Essential Oils on Hidden Callosobruchus maculatus Individuals
1Hedjal-Chebheb M. 2Medjdoub-Bensaad F. Read More

Identification of Invasive Pest, Plautia corossota (Green stink bug) Using DNA Barcoding
Dr. Padmavathi Sriram* Read More

The Observation of 3 Developmental Stages of Chick Embryos Using Compound Microscopy
Rishan Singh* Read More

On the Efficacy of Moringa oleifera for Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment: A Literature Survey
1Victor Christianto* 2Florentin Smarandache Read More

A Medical Briefing on the p53 Tumour Suppressor Gene
Rishan Singh* Read More

Practical Effectiveness of Yoga
1Shruti*, 2Raj Bhushan Prasad Read More

Chemical Signals in Immunology
Rishan Singh* Read More


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