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Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences- Math& Stat. (Started in 1982)
eISSN: 2320-3226
pISSN: 0970-6577
Impact Factor: 4.895 (2017)
DOI: 10.5958/2320-3226
Editor-in-Chief:  Prof. Dr. Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya
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Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences- Math& Stat. (Started in 1982)
Year : 2020, Volume & Issue : BPAS-Maths & Stat 39E(1), JAN-JUN 2020
Page No. : 122-136, Article Type : Original Aticle
Article DOI : 10.5958/2320-3226.2020.00012.0 (Communicated, edited and typeset in Latex by Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya (Editor-in-Chief). Received February 26, 2019 / Revised December 17, 2019 / Accepted January 13, 2020. Online First Published on June 30, 2020)

Flow characteristics of unsteady MHD Newtonian fluid past a rotating vertical porous plate

P. Chandra Reddy1, N. Veera Mohan Reddy2 and C. Srinivasulu3
Author’s Affiliation : 1,2,3. Department of Mathematics, Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Autonomous), Rajampet, Andhra Pradesh-516126, India. 1. E-mail: [email protected]

Corresponding Author : P. Chandra Reddy,
E-Mail:-[email protected]


A theoretical analysis with numerical solutions is performed to explain the flow characteristics of an unsteady MHD Newtonian fluid along a vertical porous plate with rotation under the existence of heat and mass transfer. The governing equations of the flow pattern are converted to non-dimensional form and then solved by using finite difference scheme. The effects of different physical parameters like thermal radiation, heat source and sink, thermal diffusion and Dufour number are considered. The impact of these parameters on the fluid velocity, temperature and species concentration is depicted in the form of numerical results and graphical presentations. The current results are compared with the previously published ones and they confirm the correctness of the numerical method. The primary velocity of the fluid increases when the value of rotation parameter increases and the secondary velocity decreases in the same case.


Rotating fluid, Thermal radiation, finite difference scheme, Soret number and Dufour effect. 2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: 76M20, 76S05, 76S99, 76U05, 76U99, 76W05, 76W99.
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