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Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences- Math& Stat. (Started in 1982)
eISSN: 2320-3226
pISSN: 0970-6577
Impact Factor: 4.895 (2017)
DOI: 10.5958/2320-3226
Editor-in-Chief:  Prof. Dr. Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya
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Fixed point results in complete $S_b$-metric spaces using contractive mappings
Manju Rani1 and Nawneet Hooda2 Read More

Improved, extended, and total impact factor of a journal
Florentin Smarandache1 Read More

Graceful labeling on twig diamond graph with pendant edges
J. Jeba Jesintha 1 , Subashini K. 2 and Allu Merin Sabu3 Read More

A new product of superposition and differentiation operators between Hardy and Zygmund spaces
A. Kamal1, M. Hamza Eissa2, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya3 and Ayman Shehata4 Read More

The parameter estimation of inverse Gaussian distribution under different loss functions
Arun Kumar Rao1 and Himanshu Pandey2 Read More

Odd graceful labeling for the jewel graph and the extended jewel graph without the prime edge
J. Jeba Jesintha1 , N.K. Vinodhini2 and Shahina Munavar Hussain3 Read More

Cosmological solution in Brans-Dicke theory involving particle creation in relativistic viscous fluid universe
Anita Sorokhaibam1 Read More

New type of neutrosophic supra connected space
M. Parimala1 , M. Karthika2 , S. Jafari3 and Florentin Smarandache4 Read More

The effect of oil price shocks on inflation in Tanzania - an autoregressive distributed lag and vector autoregressive approach
K.K. Saxena1 and Mohamed Ally Ndule2 Read More

Intuitionistic fuzzy signed graphs of the second type
Seema Mehra 1 and Manjeet Singh 2 Read More

Edge product cordial labeling on duplication of prism graph
J. Jeba Jesintha1 , D. Devakirubanithi2 and L. Monisha3 Read More

A mixed quadrature rule of modified Birkhoff-Young rule and $SM_2(f)$ rule for the numerical integration of analytic functions
Sanjit Kumar Mohanty1 Read More

On the characteristic roots and heart of a class of rhotrices over a finite field
P.L. Sharma 1 , Arun Kumar2 and Arun Kumar Sharma3 Read More

On the Extons triple hypergeometric function $X_2$ of matrix arguments
Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya1 , Ayman Shehata2 and A. Kamal3 Read More

Fuzzy stability of cubic $( ho_ 1, ho_ 2 )$-functional inequality
Shalini Tomar 1 and Nawneet Hooda2 Read More

Pre-open and pre-closed sets in a topological space
Reema Bahan1 and R.N. Pandey2 Read More

Applications of mathematics: a perspective
Kundan Mishra1 Read More


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