Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences- Math& Stat. (Started in 1982)
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Some New Results on Commutative Algebra
Dr. Abhik Singh* Read More

On δ_IJ^*-semi-homeomorphisms in ideal Topological spaces
*A. Anis Fathima1, M. Maheswari2, V. Inthumathi3 Read More

Estimation of the Population Mean By Developing a New Estimator
*Sudhanshu Aggarwal1, Shiv Shankar Soni2, Ram Sahay Chaubey3 Read More

On Fundamental Errors in Trigonometry
Temur Z. Kalanov* Read More

Recent Advances on Fixed Point Theorems
Jayashree Patil1, *Basel Hardan2, Yogita M. Ahire3, Ahmed A. Hamoud4, Amol Bachhav5 Read More

The Paradoxism in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Poetry
Florentin Smarandache* Read More

Logical Reasoning including Mathematical Reasoning: Practical Problems and Possible Solution
Bertrand Wong* Read More

Implementation of Finite Volume Method (FVM) in 1-D Diffusion Equation
Suryakanta Behera1, *Dwiti Krushna Behera2 Read More

Theory of Complex Numbers: Gross error in Mathematics and Physics
Temur Z. Kalanov Read More

A Detail Note on Universally Optimal One Sided Circular Neighbour Balanced design
Dr. Kumam Praphullo Singh* Read More

On Special Spaces of h(hv)-Torsion Tensor C_jkh in Generalized Recurrent Finsler Space
Alaa A. Abdallah1*, Ahmed A. Hamoud2, A. A. Navlekar3, Kirtiwant P. Ghadle4 Read More

Global Strong Domination in α- Cut Diminish Fuzzy Graph〖 G〗^α(σ^α,μ^α) by α- Cut Strong Arc
V. Senthilkumar* Read More

Non-Trivial Zeros of Riemann Zeta Function and Riemann Hypothesis
Bertrand Wong* Read More

Chromatic Numbers of Hypergraphs
Dr. G. Kavitha* Read More

Message Mapping Technique Using Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
*P. L. Sharma1, Shalini Gupta2, Kritika Gupta3, Ashima4, Sushil Kumar5 Read More


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