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Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences- Physics (Started in 1982)
eISSN: 2320-3218
pISSN: 0970-6569
Impact Factor: 6.987 (2018)
DOI: 10.5958/2320-3218
Editor-in-Chief:  Prof. Madan jee,
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Double Ionization of Silicon and Phosphorus by Electron-Impact
Santosh Kumar Read More

Relativistic Study of the Recoil Energy of Photon due to Nuclear and Atomic Transition in Mossbauer Effect
Supriya Kumari1, Dipo Mahto2, Keshari Kumar Singh3 Read More

Patterns in Two Photon Photoemission Images of Light Diffracting Structures in Wave Guiding Transparent Thin Films
Sukhdeo Singh1, Pradeep Kumar Choudhary2, Shartendu Kumar Singh3 Read More

Quantum Pumping of Charge and Spin Currents in Graphene Nano Ribbons
Gautam Kumar Sinha1, Om Prakash Singh2 Read More

Calculation of Spin Relaxation Rate of Iron Ion
Supriya Kumari1, J.P. Kushwaha2, Dipo Mahto3 Read More

Comparative Study of the Entropy Change of Spinning Black Holes Due to Mass Change in XRBs and AGN
Anuradha Kumari1, Juleshwar Prasad Kushwaha2, Dipo Mahto3 Read More

The Covariant Additive Integrals of Motion in the Theory of Relativistic Vector Fields
Sergey G. Fedosin Read More

Rotating MHD Flow: An Exact Solution by Hodograph Transformation
Manoj Kumar1, Sayantan Sil2, Mantu Prajapati3 Read More

Proton Impact K- Shell Ionization of Neon and Magnesium
Sandeep Kumar Prasad1 & S.N. Chatterjee2 Read More

Status of Spinning Black Holes in AGN
Anuradha Kumari1, Dipo Mahto2 Read More

Power Dependence of the Amplitude of the Microwave Radiation Induced Magneto-Resistance Oscillations and Linear Polarisation
Aparajita1, Niranjan Kumar2, Anil Kumar Lal Das3 Read More

Density and Mechanical Properties of Sodium Borotellurite Glasses
Boya Nagendra1*, Dr. K Narsimhulu2 Read More

Nonperturbative Contributions to the Massive Propagator in a Class of Strong Interactions
Simon Davis* Read More

Physical and Structural Studies of (30-x) BaO-xAl2O3-69.5B2O3-0.5MnO2 Glasses
Mohamad Raheem Ahmed1,*, M. Narasimha Chary2, Md. Shareefuddin2 Read More

Some Finite Temperature Characteristics of the High-Tc Cuprates within t-J-U Model
C Tarafdar1, K Roy2, N K Ghosh3,* Read More

Photoionization Spectroscopy of Lithium, Sodium and Potassium Nanoparticles in a Beam for the Metallic Work Function
Amita Sharma* Read More

Comparative Study of the Radiation Power of Black Holes Due to Non-Relativistic & Relativistic Effect
Dipo Mahto1, Ajay Kumar2 Read More

¬¬¬¬Optical Properties of Copper Ferrite Nano-Particle synthesized via Hydrothermal Technique
U. Naresh1, R. Jeevan Kumar2, T. Ram parasad3 Read More

K- Shell Ionization of Chlorine and Argon due to Impact of Alpha Particles
Sandeep Kumar Prasad1 & S.N. Chatterjee2 Read More


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