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Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences- Physics (Started in 1982)
eISSN: 2320-3218
pISSN: 0970-6569
Impact Factor: 5.195 (2017)
DOI: 10.5958/2320-3218
Editor-in-Chief:  Prof. Madan jee,
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An investigation of time in relativity
I.R. Durrani Read More

Derivation of the lorentz force from maxwell s equations
I.R. Durrani Read More

Gravitation and electromagnetism
I.R. Durrani Read More

Gravitation and electromagnetism
I.R. Durrani Read More

The role of the two postulates of special relativity
I.R. Durrani Read More

How to create a universe?
I.R. Durrani Read More

The simple complex numbers
I.R. Durrani Read More

Creativity and the new structure of science
I.R. Durrani Read More

The last scientific revolution
I.R. Durrani Read More

A brief history of economics: An outsider s account
I.R. Durrani Read More

Angst and the stock market
I.R. Durrani Read More

Towards a new democracy: Consensus through quantum parliament
I.R. Durrani Read More

Mona lisa -Ineffable smile of quantum mechanics
I.R. Durrani Read More

Studies of photonic crystals waveguides for application in optical communication system
Shiv Ranjan Kumar, Nikhil Kumar, Virendra Kumar, Shiv Prakash Kumar, Ram Janam Roy Read More

Phonon dispersion of an isolated linear chain of carbon atoms by density functional theory
Jitendra Kumar Paswan, Ram Nath Roy, Ashok Kumar Singh, Arun Kumar Singh, Nand Lal Chaudhary Read More

Study of schwarzschild radius with reference to the spinning black holes
Dipo Mahto, Kanak Kumari, R.K. Sah, Ved Prakash Read More

Photonic crystal in optical computing
Nikhil Kumar, Swapnil, Shiv Ranjan Kumar Read More

Essence recovery from flowers through solar thermal distillation process
Bidyanand Mahto, Archana, Rakhi, Laxmi Prasad Sahu, Bhagwan Prasad Read More


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