Aims & Scope

The Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences - Physics Journal is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to advancing research in all areas of physics. The journal provides a platform for scientists, researchers, and academicians to disseminate their findings and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in various branches of physics.

Scope of the Journal:

The Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences - Physics Journal welcomes submissions in the following areas, but not limited to:

  1. Classical Mechanics: Studies on the motion of objects and systems under the influence of forces, including dynamics, kinematics, and celestial mechanics.

  2. Quantum Mechanics: Research on the fundamental principles governing the behavior of particles at the quantum level, including wave-particle duality, uncertainty principles, and quantum entanglement.

  3. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics: Investigations into the laws of heat, temperature, energy, and entropy, as well as the statistical behavior of particles in systems with large numbers of constituents.

  4. Electromagnetism: Studies on the behavior of electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, Maxwell's equations, and the interaction of charged particles with electromagnetic fields.

  5. Optics and Photonics: Research on the behavior of light, including geometric optics, wave optics, optical materials, lasers, and optical devices.

  6. Condensed Matter Physics: Investigations into the properties of solids and liquids, including crystal structure, electronic properties, magnetic properties, and superconductivity.

  7. Nuclear and Particle Physics: Studies on the structure and behavior of atomic nuclei, elementary particles, and their interactions, including nuclear reactions and particle accelerators.

  8. Astrophysics and Cosmology: Research on the structure, evolution, and dynamics of celestial objects and the universe as a whole, including cosmological models, black holes, galaxies, and the cosmic microwave background.

  9. Biophysics: Investigations into the application of physical principles and methods to biological systems, including molecular biophysics, cell mechanics, and biological imaging techniques.

  10. Computational Physics: Studies on the use of computational methods and simulations to solve complex physical problems, including numerical methods, Monte Carlo simulations, and molecular dynamics.

Submission Guidelines:

Authors are invited to submit original research articles, reviews, short communications, and perspectives that contribute significantly to the understanding of physics. Submissions should adhere to the journal's formatting guidelines and undergo rigorous peer review by experts in the field.

Detailed instructions for manuscript preparation and submission can be found on the journal's website.

Editorial Policy:

The Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences - Physics Journal is committed to maintaining editorial independence, transparency, and fairness throughout the publication process. Editorial decisions are based on the scientific merit of the manuscript and adherence to ethical standards.

Open Access Policy:

The journal follows an open-access publishing model, allowing unrestricted access to published articles for readers worldwide. Authors retain copyright to their work, and articles are published under Creative Commons licenses to promote sharing and dissemination.