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DOI: 10.5958/2320-3188
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Comparative Impact of Fungicides on Biomolecules of Eisenia fetida
Tamanna Kumari1, *Vineeta Shukla2 Read More

Assessment of Inland Fisheries Population Dynamics in Goa
*Kulkarni Rajender Rao1, Ruchika. R. Dessai2, Juliana Silveira3 Read More

Effect of Calcium on Fresh Water Bivalves during Pearl Culture
Suryawanshi A.V. Read More

Evaluation of the Effect of Noise on the Physical and Psychology Health and Enhanced Rate of Errors in Manual Performance and Working of Employees
Dr. Manju Dewan Read More

Electrophoretic Banding Patterns of Esterase Isozymes in Fresh Water Fish Channa punctatus
Dr. M. Venkateswara Rao1, *Dr. Y. Venkaiah2 Read More

Checklist of Butterflies from Kurukani Forest Village, Sivasagar, Assam, India
Darathi Deori1, *Dr. Jyotish Sonowal2 Read More

Evaluation of Carbohydrate Content in Various Tissues of Fresh Water Carp (Cyprinus carpio) under the Effluent Stress
Swapna Sukumaran Read More

Does Time restriction feeding reverse the High fat diet induced obesity in Drosophila melanogaster?
*Mohammad S. Al-Maqashah1, V. Shakunthala2, Damini CS3 Read More

Mosquito Larvicidal Potentiality of Clematis gouriana Against Filarial Vector Culex quinquefasciatus
Sumanta Chakraborty Read More

Influence of Additional Feeding of Succous Goats on Indices of Natural Resistance of the Organism of Goats, Milk Productivity and on the Development of Goatlings
*Rajamuradova N.Z.1, Kuziyev М.S.2, Rajamuradov Z.Т.3 Read More

Bioecology of Culicidae (Diptera: Nematocera) in North Central Algeria
*Lounaci Zohra1, Medjdoub-Bensaad Ferroudja2, Doumandji-Mitiche Bahia3, Doumandji Salaheddine4 Read More

Karyotypic Studies on Four Aphid Species of Some Common Plant from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
Meena Kumari1, *Sarita Kumari2, Mansi Yadav3 Read More

Macrophyte Diversity and Their Uses with Special Reference to Freshwater Wetland Ecosystem BarbilaBeel of Nalbari District, Assam, India
*Kamala Deka1, Tarali Kalita2, Bulbul Acharjee3, Rezina Ahmed4, Richa Sarma2 Read More

Study of the Effect of Hypothyroidism and Thyrotoxicosis on the Proliferative Activity of the Red Bone Marrow in Experimental Animals with an Implanted Akatol Tumor
M.A. Ismayilova Read More

Chromosomal studies on gall aphids Eriosoma ulmi and Tetraneura nigriabdominalis from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Raghubir Singh1, *Meena Kumari2, Mansi Yadav3, Sarita Kumari4 Read More

Role of Bisphenol-A Induced Oxidative Stress in Spermatogenesis of Wistar Albino Rats
Raksha Sharma1, Manish Kumar Sharma2, *Dr. Seema Srivastava3 Read More

LDH Isozymes- Its Relation with Infertility
Satya Shubhangi Read More

Oxidative Stress in Plasmodium: Role of Glutathione Revisited
Gaurav Kapoor Read More

Wnt, BMP and Sox Mediated Gene Dysregulationvia Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals BPA and BPS; Studies in Neurogenesis and Alteration in Brain Activity: A Review
Swati Jain1, Abhishek Jain2, Roshni Jain3, Swati Singh Thakur4 and *Subodh Kumar Jain5 Read More

Super Food Spirulina and its Growing Potential in Aquaculture
*Sushma1, Rachna Gulati2, Khushbu3, Ankur Kumari4, Parvati Sharma5 Read More

Microsporidian Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) in Shrimp and Its Detection Methods
*Khushbu1, Rachna Gulati2, Sushma3, Karuna Bamel4 Read More

Additional Feeding and Its Influence on the Change in the Metabolic Processes of the Body of Pregnant Queens
*Bazarov B.M.1, Rajamuradov Z. T.2 Read More


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