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Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences-Zoology (Started in 1982)
pISSN: 0970-0765
Impact Factor:6.994 (2018)
DOI: 10.5958/2320-3188
Editor-in-Chief:  Dr. Sushil Kumar Upadhyay
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Mayfly Nymphs as Water Pollution Bioindicator
1Rohini Kamble, 2Sanjay Shamrao Nanware* Read More

Foraging Behaviour and Host Selection of Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) Among Different Host Species in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
1Manisha Verma*, 2V. Elangovan, 3Akanksha Dwivedi, 4Mukesh Kumar Read More

Effect of Temperature on the Hatching of Fairy Shrimp Branchinella thailandensis Sanoamuang, Saengphan & Murugan, 2002 (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) from Thailand
1Marlon S Alejos*, 1,2Augusto E Serrano, Jr., 1,3Arnel G Nudalo, 1Rey J dela Calzada, 1,4Cyril Tom B Ranara Read More

Studies on Changes in Plasma and Muscle Protein in Xylachlor Induced in Teleostean Fish, Channa marulius (HAM.)
1Raju Kumar*, 2Moti Lal Gupta Read More

Analysis of Heavy metals and Physico-chemical Parameters of Water in Feeding Habitats of Ardeola grayii
1Akanksha Dwivedi*, 2Vadamalai Elangovan, 3Manisha Verma Read More

The Effect of Additional Feeding On the Processes of Digestion and Natural Resistance of the Sheep Body in Pasture Conditions
1Rajamuradov Z.T.*, 2Bazarov B.M., 3Rajamuradova N.Z. Read More

Eco-Biology, Threats and Conservation Problems of Indian Vulture in Southern Rajasthan, India
1Narayan Lal Choudhary, 2Nadim Chishty*, 3Habiba Bano Read More

Histo-Pathological Alterations Associated Metabolic Alterations in STZ Induced Diabetic Rats with Leaves Extract of Sapindus saponaria
1Mude. Jagadish Naik*, 2R. Nageswar Rao Naik Read More

Diversity of Aquatic Insects in Lake Pichhola of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
1Farha Naz, 2Sweety Nalwaya, 3Rahul Yadav, 4Kanan Saxena* Read More

Stress and Parental Perceived Stress: Paramount Agents of Obesity among Young Children
Manju Dewan Read More

A New Species of the Genus Dicauda, Dicauda manipurensis sp. nov. (Cnidaria: Myxosporea: Myxozoa) from fresh water fish Esomus danrica (Hamilton, 1822) from Manipur, India
1Th. Hemananda, 2T. Soni, 3S. Sharatkumar* Read More

Detection of Melamine in Milk Using Nanotechnology
1Susheela Sharma*, 2Swati Goyal Read More

Phytochemical Profiling and Mosquitocidal Properties of Grape Fruit Pedicel Extract Against Malarial, Dengue and Filarial Vectors
1P. Madhiyazhagan*, 2R. Villavan, 3P. Gomathi, 4S. Nandhini Read More

Impact of Paper Mill effluent on Protein Metabolism of Snake headed fish, Channa punctatus
1Ashok Kumar Verma, 2Sadguru Prakash* Read More

Antioxidant and Antihyperglycemic Potential of Luffa acutangula Fruit Extract in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats
1Rajarajan Thatchinamoorthi*, 2Kumar Ganesan, 3Moses Rajasekara Pandian Read More

Effect of Sublethal Concentrations of Commercial Detergents on the Protein Content of Selective Freshwater Fishes
1Dhanapal Logeswari, 2Kandhasamy Kaliyammal, 3Abdul Majeeth Facika, 4Moses Rajasekara Pandian, 5Gani Sharmila Banu* Read More

Toxicity and Ethological Responses of Mystus vittatus (Bloch) Exposed to Distillery Wastewater
1Santosh Kumar Tiwari, 2Sadguru Prakash* Read More

Perception and Awareness of Noise Pollution in General Population
Manju Dewan Read More

Macrozoobenthos Diversity of Bhagda Taal, A Wetland of Balrampur, U.P. (India)
1Varsha Singh, 2Sadguru Prakash* Read More

A Philosophical Appraisal of the Rights Theory to the Killing and Modifying of Animals
1Edor John Edor, 2Samuel Akpan Bassey* Read More

Biodiversity of Parasitic Trematode Allocreadium sp. Looss, 1894 (Digenea: Allocreadiidae): A Review
1Sushil Kumar Upadhyay*, 2Babita Read More


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