Aims & Scope

Library Progress International is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to advancing research and innovation in the field of library and information sciences. Our journal provides a platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to disseminate knowledge, share insights, and engage in critical discourse on topics related to libraries, information management, and information technology.

1. Focus Areas

Library Progress International publishes original research articles, literature reviews, case studies, theoretical papers, and other scholarly contributions that address a wide range of topics within the field of library and information sciences, including but not limited to:

  • Information organization and access
  • Digital libraries and repositories
  • Information retrieval and search technologies
  • Knowledge management and organization
  • Scholarly communication and publishing
  • Information literacy and education
  • Library services and user experience
  • Preservation and conservation of cultural heritage
  • Emerging technologies and trends in libraries
  • Social and ethical issues in information management

2. Interdisciplinary Perspectives

We welcome contributions that embrace interdisciplinary approaches and explore the intersections between library and information sciences and other disciplines, such as computer science, education, sociology, psychology, and more. Research that bridges disciplinary boundaries and fosters collaboration across fields is highly encouraged.

3. Global Outlook

Library Progress International embraces a global perspective, recognizing the diverse cultural, social, and technological landscapes that shape the practice of librarianship and information management worldwide. We encourage submissions that address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by libraries and information professionals in different regions and contexts.

4. Open Access and Accessibility

As proponents of open access publishing, we are committed to making scholarly research freely accessible to a global audience. Library Progress International provides unrestricted access to all published articles, promoting knowledge dissemination, collaboration, and innovation without financial barriers.

5. Contribution to the Profession

Our journal aims to contribute to the advancement of the library and information sciences profession by promoting excellence in research, facilitating knowledge exchange, and fostering professional development among scholars, practitioners, and educators. We seek to publish high-quality research that informs practice, informs policy, and advances the theoretical foundations of the field.

6. Collaboration and Community Engagement

Library Progress International values collaboration and community engagement as essential components of scholarly inquiry and professional development. We actively seek to foster connections among researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders through conferences, workshops, webinars, and other collaborative initiatives.