Re-Engineering of the Public Libraries in Central Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh

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Dr. Muppidi Srinivasa Rao


The objective of this study is to find the status of ICT technologies in the Central coastal district central libraries, modify traditional services to digital services using internet technologies, re-engineer the library collection development, and transform the conventional libraries into digital libraries by using the digital resources. Collected data through structured questionnaire and, distributed to the user community in the district central libraries in the Krishna, West, and East Godavari district central libraries in December 2020 and January 2021 respectively. Data was collected through Interviews, Observations in the library and a structured questionnaire .The total number of a questionnaire distributed was 300 and 271respondented responded with a percentage of 90.33%.Found the results were analysed using Microsoft Excel and are mentioned in the tables and pictorial presentation in the Analysis and data interpretation chapter. Re-Engineering functionally seems to be like re-organization ( is primarily used by Michael Hammer and champy  in the 1993’s in his bestselling book entitled “Re-Engineering Corporation” which is published in 1993. It did not mean using the computer system, it was modification to the existing system (Khan, 2019). Re-Engineering is the process of modification or modernization of existing system (Athude, 2019). Re-Engineering is the process of rethinking and redesigning library or public library activities, to fulfil the user information needs and to enhance the services in the public library with innovative ideas and thoughts. It introduces automation in housekeeping operations in public libraries by using ICT Technologies. 

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