Use of Internet and e-Resources by the Faculty members and Students: A Case Study of Udai Pratap Autonomous College, Varanasi

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Anuj Kumar Singh, Bhaskar Mukherjee


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the traditional way of learning into digital way of learning. It has enhanced the learning activity of academicians not only of universities but also of colleges. College Libraries have now been subscribing electronic resources for the past few years. Libraries of the colleges are now being automated and they are moving towards virtual libraries/e-libraries. Resources like electronic books, electronic journals, online databases, electronic reference sources etc. have now become an important part of college libraries. College/Academic libraries are fundamental part of higher education system and it must have the relevant resources for their users. This study examines the electronic resources and Internet being consumed by the students and faculty members of Udai Pratap Autonomous College. The core objectives was that how the faculty members and students of this college face the problem while accessing online resources, how they take advantages of online resources, how much they are aware towards online resources and how much more do they prefer online resources than conventional resources. In this regards, a total 200 faculty members and students were selected to fill up the questionnaire prepared on Google form. Out of 200 respondents, only 160 responses had been received. Whatever interesting results were collected was analysed.

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