Use of Digital Reading Devices by Library Users during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Survey of Central University Libraries Users of Assam

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Ms. Puja Paul, Sri Rajesh Rangappa Aldarthi, Prof. Manoj Kumar Sinha


Authors attempt to find the use and awareness of Digital Reading Devices (DRD’s), impact of DRD on library usage; Usefulness of DRD’s during covid-19 pandemic situation. The paper explaining the meaning and definition of term ‘DRD’ elaborates on effectiveness of DRD during covid-19 pandemic period. Study adopted survey methods involving two central university libraries of Assam (Assam University Silchar and Tezpur University). Samples are dawn for all library user categories for UG and PG students; Research Scholars; Faculty and Staff members. With equal sample (154) representation from both universities, in total 308 responses were collected and analysed using SPSS package. Cross tabulation is used data analysis and graphical representations of individual universities are provided. Result of study indicated that libraries have provided more digital information services and shifted toward offering digital contents and services to their respective user. All categories have positive approach and views toward benefits of using DRD during Covid-19 Pandemic period.

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