Information Seeking Behaviour of Students in Two Post-Graduate Colleges of District Nasik (Maharashtra): A Survey

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Avhad Sharad T.


The study investigates the information seeking behavior of students in two Post- Graduate Colleges of District Nasik (Maharashtra). The survey covers 272 students of two colleges. The survey reveals that 162 (59.55%) PG respondents admit that library timings 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. are adequate, 131 (48.16%) spent up to 1 hour in the library, 135 (49.63%) visit the library daily, 88 (32.35%) admit quality infrastructure facilities, 124 (45.58%) seek information from their teachers, 130 (47.79%) seek information for covering their class syllabus, 224 (43.75%) use library books, 224 (82.35%) are aware about N-List Program me and OPAC/Web OPAC, 119 (43.75%) not use library resources and services due to lack of time, 118 (43.38%) are satisfied with their library resources and services, 74 (27.20%) respondents perception about library staff is very good.

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