Phyllanthus emblica (Medicinal Plant) Research: A Scientometric Analysis during 2011-2021

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Satish Kumar, Dr. P. S. Rajput


The current study examines Phyllanthus emblica (Medicinal Plant) Scientometrics from 2011 to 2021. Scientometrics techniques are being used for a variety of purposes, including the determination of various scientific indicators, the evolution of scientific output, the selection of journals for libraries, and even stating the potential of a specific field. The acceptance of Scientometrics techniques in various disciplines has resulted in a significant increase in the literature on Scientometrics and related areas. In this field had published 1077articles in eleven years. In year 2021 maximum papers was published that is 172(15.97%), 97% publications are multiauthored. Out of total 1077 literature published, 0.98%of them or published under the joint author of publications and Majority of scientists published their research output in English, 906 records are research Articles. India is at the top, with publishing maximum records 652, followed by China with 122Records.Chiang Mai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Indian Council are at top rank by publishing 17 articles.

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