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Library Progress International is devoted to the international advancement of organized knowledge on all aspects of Library and Information Science. It presents peer-reviewed survey and original research articles on specific areas are: new information technology, education and training, human resource management, the changing role of the library, future developments, opportunities, bibliographic databases, cataloging issues, electronic publishing, acquisitions, collection development, administration, management, archives, preservation, and special collections, automation and cataloging. It provides a forum for comments by publishing original research contributions, scientific survey, case studies, book review and letter to the Editor-in-Chief. Library Progress (International) is issued six monthly, i.e. June and December of every year. The Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor/Editorial Board etc. assumes no responsibility for the statements and opinions advanced by the contributors. Only contributor(s) is/ are responsible for his/her statements in his/her paper. The editorial staff in its work of examining papers, received for possible publication is assisted, in an honorary capacity, by a large number of distinguished scientists working in various parts of the world. Library Progress (International) is copy-righted. Manuscripts published in the journal should not be reproduced without the written permission of the Editor-in-Chief.

Our Mission

At Library Progress International, our mission is to contribute to the advancement of library and information sciences through rigorous research, insightful analysis, and practical applications. We are committed to promoting excellence in the profession, supporting the dissemination of scholarly work, and facilitating collaboration among professionals across borders.

What We Offer

  • Peer-Reviewed Research: Our journal publishes original research papers, literature reviews, case studies, and theoretical articles rigorously evaluated by experts in the field to ensure high quality and academic integrity.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: We welcome contributions from diverse disciplinary perspectives, recognizing the multidimensional nature of library and information sciences and their intersection with various fields such as technology, education, sociology, and more.
  • Global Perspective: Library Progress International embraces a global outlook, acknowledging the unique challenges and opportunities faced by libraries and information professionals worldwide. We strive to foster international dialogue and exchange of ideas to address common issues and promote best practices.
  • Open Access: We believe in the principles of open access and aim to make research freely accessible to scholars, practitioners, and the public, thereby maximizing the impact and reach of academic knowledge.
  • Community Engagement: Beyond publishing scholarly articles, we actively engage with our community through conferences, workshops, webinars, and other events to facilitate networking, professional development, and collaboration among researchers and practitioners.

Call for Papers


Call for Papers for the New Issue.

Last Date of Submission: July 31st, 2024

Vol. 44 No. 1 (2024): LIB PRO. 44(1), JAN-JUN 2024

Published: 2024-07-02

Integrating Augmented Reality in Academic Libraries: Trends and Opportunities

Megha Sanket Kulkarni, Shambhu Kumar Singh, Kanchan Rahul Jamnik, Swati Pandurang Baviskar, Rohit Krishna Murti, Preeti Sharma

23 - 34

Cloud-Based Solutions for Enhanced Catalog Management in University Libraries

Deepak Mane, Prashant Kumbharkar, Sunil Sangve, Nirupama Earan, Komal Patil, Sakshi Bonde

35 - 50

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Streamlining University Library Operations

Arvind Sonawane, Aishwarya Shekhar, Sachin Ashok Murab, Rishikesh Balkrishna Pansare, Vikas Haribhau Satonkar, Vivek Kumar Singh Jha

51 - 66

Virtual Reality as an Educational Tool in University Libraries

Kanchan Rahul Jamnik, Neha Chandra, Mayuri Arun Gaikwad, Abhijit Jorvekar, Rishikesh Balkrishna Pansare, Stefi Diliprao Sonawane

67 - 86

Library as a Service (LaaS): Innovating Resource Sharing Among Universities

Anjali Anil Jadhawar (Munde), Mukesh Dayaramji Poundekar, Sonam Rani, Nausherwan Raunaque, Gaurav Kumar, Kanchan Rahul Jamnik

87 - 104

Developing Digital Literacy Programs in Academic Libraries

Sangita Arun Mandlik, Parmanand Prabhat, Vaibhav Anil Nehete, Nayan Dhananjay Kadam, Shamim Alam, Durgesh Talele

105 - 122

Utilizing Blockchain for Enhanced Security and Transparency in Library Transactions

Rashmi Ashtagi, Vaishali Rajput, Sagar Mohite, Vinayak Musale, Sangita M. Jaybhaye, Ranjeet Vasant Bidwe

123 - 141

Effective Records Retention Program for Selected University Libraries in South-South, Nigeria

Sambo Atanda Saliu, Igajah Mayen Ndaro, Suebat Ajoke Busari

142 - 153

Effect of Insecurity on Library Services in the North Central Universities, Nigerian

Suebat Ajoke Busari, Mary Mfon Bassey, Agunsoye Florence Bosede

154 - 163

Automated Chatbots for Improved User Services in University Libraries

Manjushri Joshi, Vijaya Vijaykumar Pangave, Prachi Tamhan, Aditi Lule, Amruta Mhatre, Bhakti Sanket Puranik

176 - 193

Using Big Data Analytics for Collection Development and User Engagement

Vaishali Dasharath Shinde, Jyoti Surve, Shrikant J. Honade, Ketaki Naik, Swarna Kuchibhotla, Sunil L. Bangare, Dhanraj Jadhav

194 - 207

Predictive Analytics for Resource Allocation and Management in Libraries

Akash Ganesh Mohod, Surabhi Milind Sangai, Sayeeda Tabassum, Ritu Raj Jha, Ranjana Jadhav, Mokshad Pagare

208 - 225

The Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on University Library Services

Deepak Mane, Anand Magar, Om Rhode, Sarvesh Koli, Komal Bhat, Prajwal Korade

226 - 241

Adaptive Learning Technologies for Personalized Research Assistance in Libraries

Jayashri Bagade, Poonam Chaudhari, Poonam Girish Fegade, Ranjit M. Gawande, Prachi P. Vast, Dipika R. Birari

242 - 258

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